What is CATScoin?

CATScoin is a cryptocurrency blockchain, with Proof of Stake (POS) and Masternode (MN) functions. Users can contribute to the network in two separate ways. Proof of Stake: 10% of every block reward goes to the stake holders of the project. Individuals that stake will receive a portion of the POS rewards. Masternodes: 90% of every bock reward goes to masternode holders.

Passive Income for everyone

The ultimate goal of CATScoin is to show everyone the possibilities about staking and masternode coins and earn passive incomes with them. How we want to show this? We use cute cats images – everyone loves cats and show how everything works.


Staking is an essential part of any blockchain network, without staking the blockchain will not be able to run on its own. There is no specific requirements in order to be able to participate in POS.

Two little british shortcut kittens.



Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit Wallets


Linux Ubuntu 1604 or Linux Ubuntu 1804


Your Mac OS Wallet High Sierra

Coin Specifications

Quark Coin
Blocktime: 60 seconds

Run a Node

Get rewards by running a masternode!

1. Buy Cats!

Buy your Cats on Graviex or Unnamed Exchange

2. Setup a Node!

Easy step by step tutorial to setup your masternode

3. Get Rewards!

90% of the rewards goes to masternode owner

Our Partners

What is a masternode?

Masternodes are node that helps a network run and operate at an effective level. Depending on the source of the blockchain, a masternode has to meet certain standards in order for the blockchain to recognize it as a node. The specific requirements under the CATScoin blockchain can be found on detailed Github and in the rewardtable. Each masternode has equal importance in the blockchain and the rewards are spread out evenly. Once a masternode receives a reward it is then moved to the end of the queue, which creates an systematic and even distribution amongst masternode holders.

Little kitten on black
Cute kitten


Concept Idea

First Ideas development

Coin Development

Coin Development strategic

Start of the Coin
First Exchange Listing
MNO and 2. Exchange Listing

What coming next?

  • Whitepaper redesign
  • 4. Exchange Listing
  • Tutorial-overview 
  • Social Media activity starting

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